Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"nary a rumor of scandal"

"So the boys at Albany State, as UAlbany was known then, wanted to play football. A young Bob Ford came to coach what in 1970 was little more than a sandlot team."

"Long Story Short." Albany Times Union. August 18, 2013. http://www.timesunion.com/opinion/article/EDITORIAL-LONG-STORY-SHORT-4740908.php

"the boys" wanted to play?

"We have never had what I would call the total support of the student body here." http://www.albany.edu/pr/fordnew.html
"UAlbany’s debut in the Colonial Athletic Conference, in the brand new stadium known as Bob Ford Field, is time to stand in awe of a coach who counts as one of the greats.

"His record? 294 wins, 180 losses, one tie — and nary a rumor of scandal."

"Long Story Short." Albany Times Union. August 18, 2013.

With the TU having, in the past, paid (off?) the UAlbany police - police who are headed by an ex-athlete, ex-coach with a college and pro football fetish, and the TU itself being published by the President of the UAlbany Foundation, etc., is it any wonder the TU would write such an editorial? Evidently it's relatively easy for them to forget about a hazing death of a UAlbany football player by electrocution, a gang rape by UAlbany football players that didn't get referred to the Albany County District Attorney until the media reported it, etc.

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